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FotoFUNatix is a fun game that teaches you the principles of photography.


You don’t have to be a photographer or have photographic knowledge to play it. All you need is friends or family who are fun loving, have a sense of humour, and can argue enthusiastically without killing each other.


The Rules: (which can be bent any time :-))

To play FotoFUNatix is simple. Each person is handed five photocards.

Then, by the roll of a dice, a judge is chosen. The role of judge will rotate with each round. During every round a principle card is taken from the principle card deck, and read by the judge.

The other players then have to decide which of their cards adheres best to the principle.

This is where the fun begins.

Every player has 30 seconds to argue why they believe their photo is the best choice in terms of the princple that was read. This is where bribes, compliments and great arguments are used to influence the judge’s decision.

The winning player gets to keep the winning card and now has one point. The first person to collect 5 winning cards is the overall winner.

** Some people want to be more competitive and they add an element of luck into the game. Whenever a player wins a round, that player can throw the dice and the number they throw is added to a scoresheet. The first person to get to 25 points (or depending on how long you want to play, and how many you are you might change the points required to win).

The main idea is to have fun, to socialize and, yes, to even learn a bit about photography.